Detail-oriented, personable, and reliable, working alongside Heather meant every project would be carefully planned and managed with precision. Few people I know have Heather's broad skill-set. Her incredible facility with language and numbers make her an administrative powerhouse, able to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients, customers, and colleagues--and equally effective at managing financial responsibilities. Above all, Heather is incredibly easy to work with. She has a positive, get-it-done attitude and a great sense of humour. I couldn't recommend her or her services highly enough.

Nicole Breit, Writer

I’ve known Heather for many years. In that time, she has proven herself to be reliable, resourceful and a born problem solver. She is a go-getter who always provides valuable insight and a unique perspective. Not only is she articulate, well-spoken and kind, but she also does everything with her own brand of humour and creativity, making her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Eleanor Thibaudeau, Marketing Director

Finding people you can trust to do their job well and with care where you're not watching over their every move is an invaluable asset to any business owner. I could always trust Heather when she worked in our virtual office, she delivered her projects on time, on budget and went above and beyond by adding personal touches that I never would have thought of!

Elise Weatherby, Realtor

Heather is the most organized, detail oriented and positive person that I have ever worked with. She is always positive, smart, full of ideas and extremely creative. She is ready to jump on any crazy project that I give her and always with the most pure enthusiasm and good heart of the world. As a native Spanish speaker, Heather helps with editing my business posts so they sound as professional and well written as possible. We all need a Heather in our lives... she finds solutions on every challenge that I have faced.

Federica Pritz, Fashion Designer



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