Heather Nyberg


Heather has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Sustainable Development, a Certificate in Spanish Proficiency from Simon Fraser University and over 15 years of administrative experience. She is multi-faceted, professional and eager to assist you.

A soccer playing mother of three, Heather is embracing her entrepreneurial spirit to embark on a journey as a Virtual Assistant. She is fluent in Spanish, a grammar aficionado, spreadsheet savvy, hardworking and ready to be 'At Your Service!'


Nayha Chohan

Virtual Assistant

Nayha is a Grade 11 student who attends Terry Fox Secondary School. She is highly motivated, ambitious and takes pride in her work. She is active in the community and as an avid soccer player, she understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Nayha is wise beyond her years, and has a strong drive to learn and improve. Her involvement over the last year has brought a level of creativity and passion that rejuvenates At Your Service’s purpose. Serving the local business community and making connections is what we do best and there is not doubt that Nayha has played an important role in this mission.

Nayha initially joined AYS to assist with small tasks. But it quickly flourished into so much more for Nayha. Now, she is expressing her creativity through her work using many social media platforms and Canva. Her organizational skills come in handy for administrative tasks, keeping everything on track and brainstorming new ideas. She is highly motivated and eager to assist in any way she can. Nayha is extremely friendly, flexible and a good communicator. She is also fluent in French, amazing with children and an avid dog lover.