• Heather Nyberg

Working through a pandemic.

If there was ever a better time to use a Virtual Assistant, I don't know when it would be! The world has quite literally shut down. People are working from home and businesses have to figure out ways to implement remote work in record time. And as much as it's nice that I'm already set up to work this way, it's a whole new ballgame trying to do ANYTHING when the kids are around.

Between constant requests for snacks, whining and fighting among siblings, children walking into walls -- I have lost count of the bonks -- and diaper cream smearing (and consumption???), productivity during the day has dropped significantly.

I sent a message to my grandma today to check in with her. I was supposed to be on a ferry right now to help celebrate her 93rd birthday, help her stock up on essentials and also work on her "machine," aka the computer we have been skyping on together for over a decade. I asked her if she had ever lived through anything like this before and her answer was a resounding 'No.' It's just too bizarre to really comprehend and yet I think we will learn many important lessons from this experience. Our children will discover what an amazing privilege it is to go to school, spend time with their friends and run around freely outside. They will realize that food doesn't just magically appear on groceries store shelves and they will understand that taking care of our health and the health of those around us is of vital importance.

A friend told me about a meme that is going around and it goes something like:

"Mother Earth is putting us all in a time out for misbehaving...."

It made me laugh, but also gave me hope. Maybe after we get through this people will be more conscious of waste and consumption and will find ways to change harmful habits that impact environmental sustainability. I think more and more businesses will allow employees to work from home because they will realize that it IS possible and that there are some pretty cool benefits from less cars on the road, more work/life balance etc etc. Not to take away from the terrifying health crisis we are going through right now.....but I do think we will come out of this with a new perspective on what is truly important.

I hope that everyone does their part to listen to the public health authorities, stay safe, keep in social isolation, only go out for the essentials and stick to family walks and car rides for daily entertainment. It's going to be a long haul but we are all in this together...

And in the meantime, if you want to work on a project (haven't we all been putting off a million things in our normal busy lives???) and you need a virtual hand, I am only a click away.

And I promise I won't sneeze on you.

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