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Serendipity anyone?

This morning I was a virtual audience member on the Marilyn Denis show. I received the invite email a few weeks back and passed it on to a few people, including my mom. One of them, was Federica Pritz. Out of all the dates we could have been chosen to participate throughout the summer, we ended up on the same show! So, if anyone knows Federica, I was thrilled at a chance to show off her fashion line and deck myself out in all my Federica Pritz gear, right down to my choice of earrings.

Everything started great. The audience host was vivacious and fun (with an Irish accent to boot) and we were offered the chance to share "feel good stories" with each other. I was a bit stumped. I've spent most of covid simply keeping my kids alive, gaining weight and drinking too much wine. But he said the word "pivot" and I knew I needed to talk about Federica.

I waved wildly every chance the host said "anyone else?!" until finally he took notice. I immediately gushed about Federica and how much she does for the local community. From sewing hundreds of masks and caps for the nurses and doctors, to creating her own fashion line, to helping build young women's confidence by crafting and creating beautiful grad dresses. This all took place behind the scenes (not on tv) but with the chance to speak with Marilyn afterward.

Federica was a deer in highlights but managed to chime in with a bit about her line and her motivations behind it (she is way too humble but I think that adds to her charm). And then, when the show was done, Marilyn appeared to all of us 20 audiences members.

"Well..." she said. "I hear there are two friends on here, one of whom pivoted during Covid to start her own line of clothing for women." My heart pounded. "Heather? , can you tell us a little bit about Federica?"


I mustered up my confidence and blurted out as much as I could about the wonderful Federica. One thing I did remember was to mention how we met - in the most amazing fb group of 10,000 moms where we live.

Marilyn addressed Federica directly. And while she froze and I have never seen her eyeballs grow so big (!) she talked to Marilyn a little bit. She got to show off her amazing robe, do a spin, share her website and talk about her passion. Marilyn complimented her top and said she was going to check it out online right away (!!!).

It was such a fun experience and while it may not lead to national exposure for the lovely Federica, it did make me appreciate what a wonderful asset she is to my community. I told Marilyn the stories Federica shared with me of young women coming into her atelier, soft spoken, with little confidence that they would feel good in a grad dress because of their body consciousness. Then, in the last two weeks, she has been flooded with pictures of beautiful graduates beaming in their dress - all shapes and sizes - all stunning.

Federica has impacted my life in so many ways -- and my most amazing wardrobe is evidence of that. Here is her website if you'd like to check out her collection:

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