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Pura vida

The summer has flown by. The kids and I have had playdates galore, water park visits and lots of camps from soccer to biking to hop hop. It's been a busy time! We even went on an amazing trip to Costa Rica for ten days with another family to celebrate both of our husbands 40th birthdays.

Did I mention we travelled to Central America with FIVE KIDS, six and under?

Yes, it was a trip of a lifetime but I can't exactly call it a holiday. Thankfully the only minor injuries came from the kids terrorizing each other on long road trips in the car. Hits to my mental sanity were alleviated by tiny (*really TINY*) moments of freedom to shop with my girlfriend or hide out at a french restaurant during a torrential downpour and pretend we were single and carefree again. Those were the best moments. 

But I can't take away from how much the kids enjoyed the trip. How they begged to live in Costa Rica and not come home. How they tested out their new Spanish phrases as much as they could. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have taught them to ask a bunch of strangers how old they are... (but most laughed and obliged them). The trip allowed us to explore together as a family, see some pretty cool wildlife and dream about the possibility of one day living abroad for a year or two. But now, reality is setting in.

Our fall calendar has never been so full. There are many things to do. So many new faces, new teams, new coaches, new classes, new teachers and new routines. It can be so overwhelming. Trying to balance the kids schedules, my schedule and my husband's schedule is nothing less than daunting. There is never enough time and yet the advice I get it to take time for myself. It just takes 15 minutes to sit and breathe and reflect. But then it takes 15 minutes to stretch those aching hips. Only 15 minutes to meal plan! Just take a 15 minute walk to relax. All these tiny increments add up to one big chunk of time I just never have enough time to tackle. So I never end up doing any of them. It feels like a constant battle just to survive each day and make it through in one piece. 

Balancing a family and a business is not easy! But I'm resolved to ignore all the outside noise and just simply focus on the business during my work days. No laundry, no dishes,

Enjoying the Costa Rican coconuts!

no, distractions. I get so much fulfillment by helping others and I love seeing results. It makes me happy! So this month's goal is to get past all the crazy new beginnings for the kids, and get back to building the business. In June, I had 11 clients and was too busy for my own good. But summer has taken a hit and I'm ready to get back at it with the goal to hire someone to help me out. 

Here's to a lot of late night lunch making, a TON of webinars, discovery meetings and client meet ups thrown in among about a million soccer games a week. And that's about accurate...

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