• Heather Nyberg

Meet Nayha, our newest VA!

I met Nayha about six years ago when she was around 10 years old. I had known her mom Reena for a few years from playing soccer together. Reena used to bring Nayha to practice once in awhile and when she had the opportunity, Nayha would join in on the scrimmage. As a self-proclaimed soccer fanatic, I remember thinking to myself, "Ok Heather, this is a child, take it easy with her." No sooner did this thought cross my mind, did she kick the ball away from me and leave me in her dust. This was the first time I learned that Nayha is determined, she has grit and she is not to be underestimated!

A few years later, Reena and I were neighbours in our community of Burke Mountain. I had two young kids at the time and Reena mentioned that Nayha was getting into babysitting. She was only 13, but I decided to see how she would manage with a 2 and 5 year old sibling duo and a feisty little boston terrier named Omar. We decided to do a test run for an hour or so. Nayha came in the house and I ran around with my head cut off showing her around ( the throes of postpartum anxiety). She calmly followed me around, listened to me, nodding her head and taking it all in. Finally, seeing I was a bit of a basket case, she asked, "Are you ok?' Her intuitive nature and the empathy emanating from a 13 year old immediately put me at ease. After that, I chilled out a bit and off my husband Dan and I went on a mini adventure. Suffice to say, Nayha is amazing with kids and very quickly earned my full trust. I knew from Reena that she was a good kid, but getting to know her myself was definitely a pleasure.

Three years ago, I had another daughter. I was worried three would be hard to manage, but Nayha embraced the challenge. She took on an infant and two young kids, allowing Dan and I to take off for a dinner out, play coed soccer together or just run some errands. Prior to Covid, she babysat for us frequently. Nayha doesn't know it, but she really played a big part in my mental health. Just having the ability to fully trust someone, to know she was responsible and capable was an enormous help. I knew I always had family to rely on for childcare, but having Nayha and seeing how genuinely she cared for my kids was a major relief. And while we haven't been able to see Nayha as much lately, my kids talk about her all the time.

About a year ago, Nayha took an interest in my business. She was curious and would ask questions about what I do. I knew she was getting to an age where she was looking for work, and it occured to me that she would be a wonderful assistant. Nayha is very articulate and well spoken, and wise beyond her years. She knows how to research and is very self motivated. She sets goals for herself, does well at school and is an amazing soccer player (bonus points there!). To me, having Nayha become my helper was a no brainer. She immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Recently, Nayha and I decided to make her role on the team official. She has been helping with all sorts of tasks from organizing receipts, social media (she is an Instagram wiz), canva posts for marketing, writing, research, power points and more. Nayha takes pride in her work and I was more than happy to welcome to the 'team.' She brings many amazing ideas and we compliment each other in our skill sets. Nayha is very business minded and is eager to learn and grow. She also keeps me organized and is very good at gently prodding me to remember certain tasks!

At a time when Covid is extremely challenging for everyone, it is particularly difficult to be maneuvering life while in high school. Important events are not happening, key milestones are fast approaching and academic pressure is at its highest. Despite the difficulties, Nayha continues to push through. I am very grateful to have Nayha as the new Virtual Assistant at AYS and I am confident that together we make a great team.

If you need any help, or are drowning in tasks, do not hesitate to reach out. Nayha and I are ready to assist!

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