• Heather Nyberg

Imposter syndrome setting in...

When I launched my business in January, I had done a few months of planning and research and was excited and ready to go. I completed some surveys, wrote my business plan, spoke to many entrepreneurs and business people and interviewed as many successful independent contractors as I could... (starting with my dad -- he is a wealth of information and he shared all his secrets with me for a mere grande, dark roast Starbucks coffee).

Things seemed to come very easily and within the first month, I had many inquires, discovery meetings with business owners and new clients jumping on board. By February, I was toiling away at a healthy workload and in March and April I was almost too busy for my own good. Within a few months, I had nine clients and was seriously considering bringing on staff to expand my team and help lesson the load a bit.

Skip forward to July and things have slowed down significantly. Understandably, people come and go in the summer and it's generally a quieter time for everyone. But I didn't anticipate everybody stopping all at once. Of course, it makes sense that small business owners use the summer to spend time with their families -- it's just that I didn't prepare for it. So as I was gearing up to hire staff, looking back I should have been focusing on marketing short-term business solutions for potential clients over the summer.

Having time to re-focus and examine my goals, evaluate my strengths and weakness, figure out how I can improve services and whether I should niche down and/or offer small business packages has been a helpful exercise. However, I still can't help but wonder if clients are disappearing because of a dis-satisfaction with my services. Gasp! Could it

Moving forwards my goals are to:

1) Consistently and regularly market my business regardless of how busy I am

2) Check in with clients, ensure satisfaction and work on fixing any weaknesses

3) Be picky when choosing clients, fit is everything

4) Look at package & value pricing

5) Drink less coffee....(who am I kidding?)

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