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Banana Boards to Blog Posts; My Journey Towards Entrepreneurship.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Ever since the dawn of time (circa 1988), I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship. I was eight years old and hustling with my older sister delivering newspapers. We’d haul our wagon up the street to the drop off box and sit on top, waiting for the delivery truck to arrive with 'The Vancouver Sun.' She took one side of the cul de sac and I took the other so we could meet in the middle and walk back together. Our hands were black from the papers but we wore our ink smudges with pride. We knew the quicker we were done, the sooner we could squeeze onto my sister's banana board and race home. We’d fly down the hill at lightening fast speeds. I’d grip onto her back and hold on for dear life while she steered and swerved, using her runners as brakes with a calm and reassuring demeanor. My mother had to replace her shoes often, but we loved it.

The best part of those newspaper days was collecting fees for the monthly subscription. At the time, it cost $7.50 a month for the daily paper and we would go door to door requesting payment. We’d put on our sweetest smiles and wait to see how much tip we would earn each the month. Of course, this was my sister’s paper route so she had ultimate control of where the funds went. Sometimes she’d share, sometimes she wouldn’t. And sometimes, she’d let me go to the house alone, collect the payment and keep the tip all for myself. That was the best feeling in the world.

Over the years, I've had a variety of jobs; from my very first ‘real’ job as a McDonald’s cashier, to being a sport camps leader, to being a custom’s officer, to teaching grade four in a private school in Mexico. I’ve had wonderful experiences that have shaped my work history and knowledge base including over 15 years of administrative experience working in small non-profits to large institutions. But one thing has remained constant — that nagging, persuasive feeling that I should start my own business, be my own boss and use my skills and energy towards helping people, on my own terms.

Skip forward to today, and I’m finally ready to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and take on the challenge of starting my company, “At Your Service: Virtual Assistance.” I am so excited to combine my skill set, my business acumen and my innate desire to help others into one passion - running a Virtual Assistance service. If you find yourself bogged down by a mountain of paperwork, or can’t motivate yourself to tackle your long list of to-dos, why not give me a shout? I have great banana boarding abilities, I’m not afraid of ink stains and my newspaper tossing skills are on point.

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