• Heather Nyberg

COVID 19, Surgeries and a Horse's Hoof.

The global pandemic really hit home in BC about nine months ago. Coincidentally, that was right around the time of my last blog post. You would think staying at home would result in higher productivity but alas, that has not been the case.

When I think about how much the world has changed it really does hit home just how fragile life is. Almost everything we are used to has been turned upside down. School, work, extracurricular activities, social events, sports....have all been impacted. Children have been under-stimulated and parents have sprouted more grey hairs than humanly possible. We have been stretched to the limits and yet, we move forward.

For awhile, I eagerly awaited the 3pm update from Public Health Officials to see if our grim COVID numbers were improving. Sometimes things looked positive and I felt hopeful. After several months, a wearier and wearier Dr. Bonnie Henry seemed to emerge. Masks were introduced and public shaming and internet trolls ensued. Gone were the days of wandering through a grocery store with a coffee in hand. Instead, I started complimenting people on their masks. When I saw someone with a familiar gait, I'd carefully squint to see if I could distinguish an eye colour or a recognizable hairdo. I recently poked someone with a ski pole in a socially distanced line up for a chairlift. I thought it was a friend. I was wrong.

Life has certainly gotten weird these days. Lots of days visiting family and friends for five minute increments on my balcony, while shivering from the cold. Door drop offs have become an exciting way to engage with friends. Online shopping has made it possible to never enter a mall again....although when I look at the amount of cardboard entering my house, I feel guilty from all the waste.

Two surgeries and a near death experience involving a horse's hoof to my sisters face all contributed to the chaos of 2020. Not being able to visit the hospital to see loved ones, or take care of my 93 year old grandma with a broken back has been a real eye opener. Celebrating birthdays and holidays quietly seemed like it would be a welcome relief when in fact, it felt empty somehow.

The vaccine is becoming more of a reality and I know of some health care friends who have received their shots. The light is at the end of the tunnel and yet, there is still a strong sense of the unknown. I wonder how this experience will change life as we knew it? Will remote work become a more permanent fixture? Will masks become the norm when we are out and about with the sniffles? Or can I transform my collection into rags once the dust settles? So many questions but only time will tell...

For now, I will focus on the positives from the last year. I started a Masters in Counselling Psychology and finally feel like I found a profession that inspires me. I have re-focused my Virtual Assistance business and am engaging in more writing work. My kids are thrilled to be back in school (never thought I'd say those words) and my kindergarten daughter who was really struggling at home, has settled in nicely in the classroom. I look forward to the year ahead and cannot wait for a more positive experience in 2021!

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