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Clients, Forms & Networking, oh my!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

It’s been about six weeks since the official launch and what a whirlwind it’s been! My work days are composed of frequent trips to the kitchen to reload my coffee cup, researching programs, building spreadsheets (going back to the kitchen for more coffee) and creating surveys that will eventually save me time. I’ve realized that I’ve been working non-stop, drinking a lot of coffee and meeting and acquiring a ton of new clients without taking the time to reflect on how everything has actually been going.

I’ve been enjoying building the business so much and have been making connections

with a wide range of people from an Accountant (no, not my husband!), to an Executive Chef, to a Spiritual Healer, to a Vocalist to an Event Planner. Meeting other business folk and learning from their methods has been so satisfying. As I fumble around to figure out modern day technology (Zoom anyone? Yep, it’s Skype but better and business-y), I have been meeting quite the gamut of interesting people.

One of the more terrifying things I did this past month was to attend a BNI Business breakfast in downtown Vancouver. It was at 6:45am (YES I JUST SAID 6:45 AM) on Robson Street, Downtown Vancouver. Not only did I need a minor miracle to get there on time (coming from the burbs), I had to get into my best business gear, have a pitch ready in my head and be prepared to network with a bunch of strangers. To me, this was terrifying. I pushed those fears aside because I know I have to put myself in uncomfortable situations if I want to succeed. Luckily, I love food, especially breakfast… I piled up my plate with a delicious array of culinary delights (a far cry from the dry toast I normally shove down while shepherding three kids out of the house), put on my bravest face and found a table to join. I introduced myself to a group of kind, welcoming faces and was ready to go. After 1.5 hours of listening to people’s personal stories about starting out in the business world and stats and figures showing their growth, I was sold. The camaraderie in the room was inspiring and listening to other people talk about the same topics on my mind was motivating. And no, the minor miracle did not happen. I was 10 minutes late.

As I slowly find my way moving forward, I’m discovering ways to streamline my process (forms, forms and more forms!) and more time to focus on the client work. While there is never enough time in the day to get everything done on my list, I’m chipping away at it. My goals for the next month are to find my groove with current clients, drink less coffee (ok, never mind, who am I kidding?) and to send out my first set of invoices. Time to make some money!


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