• Heather Nyberg

Oh S*%^!

Summer is upon us and I can hardly believe how much time has flown by. At your Service has been steady with work and Nayha and I are focusing on our new service of building client business plans. At the same time, we are both in school (I'm doing my Masters in Counselling Psychology) and managing life during Covid. It's been a whirlwind.

Last week I did something terrifying. Under the watchful eye of my (difficult to read) professor, I put on my therapist cap and participated in a counselling role play situation with three other group members.

The idea of role playing ranks up there with the thought of networking in a business group. Or attending a party alone, without knowing anyone there. Or joining a new soccer team with no friends on the team. You get the idea.

I was in full-on dread mode.

Aside from the 'normal' feelings of imposter syndrome and unworthiness, I was worried I would freeze or forget all of my training. There is something about learning from a textbook for ten months and then suddenly being thrown into the fire to implement techniques. Thankfully, due to my somewhat fearful character, I did not volunteer to go first....or second....or even third. As the fourth in line, I had spent enough time observing and listening to my braver counterparts, that I had come down from my flight or fight response (I somehow resisted the urge to run far, far away) and calmed down a little bit. In fact, I even started to feel a little excited. When it was finally my turn, I ignored all of those other faces in my zoom call and zero'd in on my client.

It felt.....natural!

Fifteen minutes flew by and despite me yelling "oh shit" during the call (eek), I managed to complete the exercise and stay conscious.

Throughout the week, I have participated in more role play scenarios and I'm happy to report, it is getting easier. I actually kind of..........dare I say it......... enjoy doing them. So for anyone hesitating to take on a new program, a new skill or even a new sport, I say, give it a go.

What's the worst thing that could happen (aside from swearing mid-therapy and running away.......)?

And while I won't be offering therapy sessions anytime soon, AYS is happy to help with your business needs. Drop us a line if you need support!

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